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About Us

Full Throttle Reinforcing Inc. is a rebar placing firm based in Vancouver that services the Lower Mainland, the Sunshine Coast & the Sea to Sky Corridor. We specialize in Commercial projects ranging from single storey parkades, concrete multi storey walk ups, tilt-up warehouses, to high rise superstructures, as well as Industrial & infrastructure projects. Our list of satisfied customers includes industry household names such as , Beedie Group, Anthem Construction, Ventana Construction, Adera Construction, ITC, PCL, Urban 1, Task Construction, SureSpan Construction, etc.

Full Throttle Reinforcing's prime objectives:

1. To be industry Leaders in Quality of Work, Professionalism, and Occupational Health & Safety. It is our mission to be the benchmark in rebar placing.

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2. To provide Top Tier Employment Standards, leading the way in Workplace Safety, Quality of Work Environment, and Company "Culture".
The men and women who work for Full Throttle are a family, who strive for exellence every day. It only makes sense that we provide for them in the same way that we are asking them to provide for our clients.

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Our Services

It's simple, we install rebar and that's all we do. What sets us apart from the rest is how we focus on and follow through with every aspect of rebar placing. From commercial/residential to industrial & infrastructure projects, Full Throttle is focused on pride and leadership throughout our workforce, management, and safety division. We've engrained it in our company culture. In addition we nurture relationships and communication with both client and supplier. In short, we take care of our end so our suppliers can concentrate on supply, and our customers can focus on building.
Reinforcing Steel

We offer installation of all reinforcing steel products that comply with the BC Building Code including: standard grade rebar, weldable grade rebar, welded wire mesh & post-tension cable.


For those projects that are tight on working space and or time, Full Throttle Reinforcing offers off site prefabrication of vertical cages

For rebar suppliers

Piece of mind, knowing that you have one of the most efficient and safety conscious rebar placers representing your company on site. We provide our own project coordination as well as comprehensive safety supervision provided by our COR certified Chief Safety Officer. This ensures that the Supplier can continue to concentrate on the management of supplying the steel, not placing it.

For commercial builders

Full Throttle Reinforcing consistently meets and exceeds project deadlines and we do so with a professional image that is matched by none. High profile sites are the perfect place to display our unparalleled safety standards as well as our consistent on site culture of professionalism and unity.

For the supplier and the builder

Full Throttle is consistently bridging the gab between the Supplier and the Builder. For larger projects we offer supervision of rebar installation at a project management level. We offer supervision of efficiency and compliance with the builder over and above the duties of our foremen, while our Chief Safety Officer oversees the ongoing safety concerns that arise on large commercial project.

Full Throttle Safety Division

Safety in the workplace continues to be at the forefront of Full Throttle's daily operations moving into our second decade of service. With a COR certified Chief Safety Officer on staff, we possess the ability to maintain a provincial standard of safety that only industry leaders achieve. This is why top tier developers and builders want to work with Full Throttle.

By achieving COR status and maintaining the highest possible safety standard within the province we achieve the following goals:


We ensure all Full Throttle employees get home safe at the end of each day while experiencing the best possible work environment.


We ensure that all clients receive the safest possible workforce while maintaining maximum efficiency on site.


We set ourselves apart from our competition and ensure that industry leading developers naturally gravitate towards using our services.

Projects we are proud to have been involved with

  • MEC Headquarters

  • Stella

  • 188 1st Ave

  • Multicultural Help Center Vancouver

  • Leo Wertman Seniors Center

  • Skyway Residential/Commercial

  • SeaToSky Gondola

  • SeaToSky Gondola

  • 188 1st Ave -Full Throttle Inc.

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Full Throttle Reinforcing is proud to be recognized as one of the lower mainland's premier rebar placing firms. We have been coined "the next generation of iron workers" by industry experts.
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    Full Throttle Reinforcing Inc.Full Throttle Reinforcing Inc. is a rebar placing outfit based in Vancouver that services the Lower Mainland and the Sea to Sky Corridor. We specialize in Commercial projects ranging from single storey parkades to highrise superstructures and infrastructure projects. Our list of satisfied customers includes industry household names such as LMS, ITC and SureSpan Construction.